4th Annual Three Corpse Circus Film Festival Schedule

Zombie Makeup Workshop (1:00 p.m.)

Paint and Pour – 220 South Main Street, Ann Arbor

Do you want to learn how turn yourself and your friends into brain hungry zombies?

No need to go out for a bite, our makeup artists will demonstrate how you can reanimate yourself as a horribly hideous member of the living dead horde.

We will explore advanced zombie makeup tips and tricks. Then we will help you put your skills to the test as we help you prepare for the 2013 Three Corpse Circus Zombie Walk to the Michigan Theater.

Step right up! This event is open to ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, and children of all ages! Experience brought to you by the Three Corpse Circus, Zombie Walk A2, and the Southern Michigan Zombie Squad. Please bring your own make up kits. We will have makeup, liquid latex, and scabs in limited supply.

Check it out on Facebook and Paint and Pour’s website.

Zombie Walk and Food Drive (2:30 p.m.)

Zombie Walk to the Michigan Theater after you’ve gotten all monstered up to benefit the Food Gatherers.
Check out the Facebook event for more information

Zombie Shuffle “Family Day” (3:30 p.m.)

Paint and Pour – 220 South Main Street, Ann Arbor

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Art class at Paint and Pour, for children and adults (ages 5+)

Paint and Pour offers an exciting new Family Day program with a chilling twist for this special class. Our instructors will walk the class through the completion of “Zombie Shuffle”, step-by-step, in a fun and entertaining class that will be sure to leave the kids AND adults wanting more!

Pizza and drinks will be provided, and this class is especially suited for a mixed audience of children and adults (though parents painting with their children do need to purchase a ticket for themselves).

Everyone will leave with a chilling Zombie masterpiece that is uniquely theirs, and we guarantee you will be amazed at the artwork you will have created.


Opening Ceremony – Block One:(3:30 p.m.)

Michigan Theater – 603 East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor

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  • Silent Agony, dir. Octavi Espuga

    Goldaw films

    Spain 2012

    Michigan Premiere

    Away from any urban environment, there is a place full of fears and sadness. There are orphans living under the worst possible conditions, hoping one day parents appear to offer love and understanding.

    Sometimes those dreams come true, sometimes the become nightmares.

    16m 18s


    Silent Agony directed by Octavi Espuga

  • Killer Cueball, dir. Paul Carty

    Future Moon 3D

    Massachusetts 2012

    World Premiere

    A mistreated cueball takes out his frustrations on the rest of the table.

    6m 18s


  • Hellamarketing, dir. Mickey Bryan

    Kawinckýdink Pictures

    Michigan, USA 2012

    World Premiere

    On infinite hold and caught in an unending transfer loop, seven unfortunate souls finally get their calls for help answered.

    14m 24s

  • Tape, dir.Jason Coffman

    Illinois, USA 2012

    Michigan Premiere

    Jim Carsten’s wife, Sarah, is leaving him. Angry and desperate, he enlists the services of the mysterious Mr. Lake to exact revenge. Unfortunately for Jim, Mr. Lake’s services come with a price higher than he could have imagined.

    13m 25s


  • Get Me In The Dark, dir.Garrett Leon Bleshenski

    Polish Submarine Productions

    Michigan, USA 2012

    Michigan Premiere

    Awaken by a sound in his bedroom, a young boy ventures into the darkness with nothing but a lantern to investigate the strange disturbances.

    4m 32s


  • Other, dir.Daniel DelPurgatorio


    Illinois, USA 2012

    Patrick is a brilliant doctor in an obsessive race to alter his own grim prognosis. During a series of unconventional experiments, he discovers a scientific loophole unlike anything he had ever imagined. In pursuit of this dark prize, Patrick will risk everything to ensure he sees his experiment to the end…even if it means accepting the sinister results.

    14m 9s


    Other directed by Daniel DelPurgatorio

  • Enter the Dark, dir.Todd Miro

    California, USA 2010

    With the lights out, two friends are led on an adventure of paranormal encounters: cold spots, an eerie talking children’s book, unexplained apparitions and a final mystery that leads to an unforgettably disturbing ending.

    17m 49s


    Enter the Dark directed by Todd Miro

Block of the Dead – Block Two: (6:00 p.m.)

Michigan Theater – 603 East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor

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  • Cold Turkey, dir. Thor Arnarsson

    Massachusetts, USA 2012

    Michigan Premiere

    A troubled teenager tries to get rid of the most dangerous addiction of them all – cannibalism.

    14m 12s

    Cold Turkey directed by Thor Arnarsson

  • The Quirk and the Dead, dir. Ken MacGregor

    Lionbelly Media/Monkey Rampant

    Michigan, USA 2010

    Two men, Craig and Dan, meet during the zombie apocalypse. They swap stories as they head toward Dan’s hideout. Dan tells of losing his bride-to-be to the undead, but that he himself escaped unscathed. He tells Craig the zombies won’t touch him. Craig enters the hideout and is attacked by a horde of corpses. He calls to Dan for help, but Dan is smiling. As Craig is killed, Dan’s zombie bride holds hands with Dan and watches. It is revealed in a flashback that Dan was a groundskeeper in a cemetery. He always had kind words for the dead there, and they never forgot.

    16m 12s


  • Hand Covers Bruise, dir.Antonio Pantoja and Clay Cook

    Antonio Pantoja

    Kentucky, USA 2012

    World Premiere

    A girl does what she feels is right to stop a parent who she feels is abusing her younger sister.

    6m 42s


    Hand Covers Bruise directed by Antonio Pantoja and Clay Cook

  • Dead Blood, prod. Giulia Giorgi

    Baburka Production

    Italy 2012

    USA Premiere

    A young couple is caught in the clash between two of the most beloved horror figures: Zombies and Vampires. The first step of an independent project that aims high.

    Ely, a pregnant girl about to give birth, and her boyfriend Mat, are forced to seek shelter in a mysterious dungeon, landing themselves in the middle of a battle. A battle between a family of alluring vampires and a horde of ravenous zombies. The faith of the girl and of her unborn child will be determined by the arrival of two mysterious characters. These are the components of the short film “Dead Blood” by Pietro Tamaro; Independent Horror Fantasy; shot on July, 2012 at the CSOA Forte Prenestino in Rome. A short movie that is just the first bite of an independent long feature set in Italy, an underground project that has great aspirations.

    10m 50s


    Trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QoROsbi-jwo

    Dead Blood produced by Giulia Giorgi

  • The Celebrant, dir. Brian Lillie

    Lionbelly Media

    Michigan, USA 2012

    World Premiere

    An actor and an engineer go into the studio to record the final piece for a books on tape set of the writings of cult horror author Mordecai Saccades. It’s an incredibly rare poem called “The Celebrant”. In fact, it’s never been read aloud before. There is a reason for that…


  • Hennes Svarta Vingar [Her Dark Eyes], dir. Martin Åhlin

    Blåfilm/Blue Creative AB

    Sweden 2012

    Mikael is a lonely farmer who lives in a small cottage somewhere on the country side. One day he finds something strange on his meadow. A naked and beautiful woman that seems to have fallen from the sky.

    28m 31s


    Hennes Svarta Vingar directed by Martin Åhlin

Grindhouse Block – Block Three: (9:00 p.m.)

Michigan Theater – 603 East Liberty Street, Ann Arbor

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  • Fist of Jesus, dir. David Muñoz and Adrián Cardona

    Spain 2012

    Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but there are others … that will taste his fist.

    A biblical assault on the senses!

    14m 42s


  • Baby-Sitting, dir. Lucas Masson

    France 2012

    A young woman accepts a babysitting offer from a couple she doesn’t know. Puzzled by the children’s odd behavior, she invites some friends to keep her company. Little do they know that it will be the worst night of their lives. . .

    20m 5s


  • Burn, dir. Jerry Pyle
    California, USA 2011

    Michigan Premiere

    Roy, a hardened blue-collar father with traditional values, confronts his daughter’s boyfriend, Emory, with some hard choices.

    5m 4s


  • Deer Head Valley, dir. Travis Greene

    California, USA 2012

    Michigan Premiere

    On the county line of Deer Head Valley, a derelict woman and her gentleman friend hold captive an innocent man. With the victim’s fate uncertain, the only glimmer of hope lies 80 miles west, in the form of the District Attorney and the plea bargain deal he has devised for a local gang member, indicted on charges of murder. The only problem? The District Attorney is nowhere to be found.

    10m 13s



    Michigan, USA 2012

    Frankenstein comes back from the grave to revenge his wife’s kidnapping from Dracula and Dracula’s band of ruthless assassins sent to stop Frankenstein. Full of Action, Adventure, Comedy, Blood, Guts, and Kung Fu Martial Arts.

    30m 34s