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Fist of Jesus

Spain 2012

14m 42s

2013 Three Corpse Circus Best Kill Selection

Directed by David Muñoz and Adrián Cardona 


Jesus is always willing to lend a hand to those in need, but there are others ... that will taste his fist.
A biblical assault on the senses!


Our Take...

The shining star of the film is its practical effects, and the excess in which they’re shown. This is not a film for the squeamish, but for those who appreciate the hard work that goes into supplying films that rely on wanton gore with all the blood and entrails that they could possibly need. With its lengthy battle scenes, Fist of Jesus is a love letter to so many different interests in the horror genre as a whole—zombies, gore for gore’s sake, and generous absurdities. The special effects makeup on the many zombies is colorful and detailed despite the film’s low budget; even though the tongue-in-cheek nature of the entire production is impossible to ignore, Fist of Jesus shows intense care and attention to its humor and characters. It forces its audience to give up their preconceived notions about the characters and separate them from their original contexts; Judas, the betrayer, is perhaps the most relatable and sympathetic character of the entire film. He grimaces and apologizes in the face of all the violence, while Jesus seems to go mad with bloodlust. This departure from what is normally understood and expected of these characters is what makes Fist of Jesus so hilarious and so clever.

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