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The Circus is Coming!

Halloween is just around the corner, and the timing feels right for breaking out the classic horror films we all know and love. But with the Three Corpse Circus in town, horror fans in the Ann Arbor area have the exciting opportunity to enjoy some truly unexpected thrills at this year’s independent, international film festival. I was fortunate enough to view a sampling of the short films, and can say that there will be something for everyone at this year’s festival. Whether you enjoy a slow-burning, atmospheric chill, or a blood-splattered frenzy of a film, the sheer variety provided by the Three Corpse Circus ensures the experience will be well worth the price of admission. The horror genre lends itself well to the short-film format, allowing the creators to cut loose and offer something original. Films like this year’s Safari, a disturbing thriller that provides a glimpse into the psychology of a school shooter, or Ki-Ryu, a beautifully shot Japanese film that incorporates quantum mechanics and dragons. You won’t find outside-the-box ideas like these at your local multiplex. Of course, there will also be fun-filled splatter-fests and delightfully evil animation from all over the world. So crawl out of your graves, zombies, and shuffle into downtown Ann Arbor to feast on the brains of these talented directors at our premier independent horror film festival, the Three Corpse Circus!

----Jordan Myers (Staff Writer)

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