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Watch Mac Blaster on YouTube!

After a worldwide filmfestival-tour our Western/Splatter/Grindhouse Shortfilm Mack Blaster – The World in the Crosshairsfinally reaches a broader audience via youtube!!!

When I first saw this film I fell in love and if you love grindhouse, you will too. This Saurkraut Western is nothing short of perfect and I hope the filmmakers (René Schweitzer & Sebastian Utech) continue to delight and horrify their audiences for years to come. We exhibited this film in our 2014 film festival and we are happy to share it with you today. So sit back, grab a whiskey, and get ready to put the world in your crosshairs.

“Mack Blaster – The World In The Crosshairs” is an erratic, out-of-control genre mixture across the history of b-genre movies. “Mack Blaster – The World In The Crosshairs” is an 18 minutes short film, a manic, black humored genre mix, which is influenced by many genre movies. No matter if it‘s Italowestern, Blaxploitation, Film-Noir, 80‘s Action flicks, Science Fiction or Musical, in Mack Blaster everything gets thrown in the same pot and gets concentrated to a very entertaining genre mixture. The blood flows like water, bodies get smashed and one cynical one-liner hunts the other. But it’s definitely not to be taken seriously. Genre fans of every era will definitely find great pleasure in “Mack Blaster – The World In The Crosshairs”.