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Anime adaptions usually scare me...

Take Dragonball: Evolution and M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Air Bender. They have dulled my peep holes and left me dumber. Actually don't take them, the world has too many damaged people as it is.

Actually, I liked this live-action version of Death Note....that is until I started to watch the anime, then my opinion changed and I started to see the American adaptation's short comings.

First off, kudos for Netflix for finally getting me watch the animated Death Note series. It's smart, clever, deep, and has only 37 episodes. The live-action version definitely felt too Americanized, but if you have never seen the Death Note anime, chances are you will like it.

Also Willem Dafoe is amazing as Ryuk. I kinda feel like he was making up for what was lacking in his Green Goblin appearence in Spider-Man. Defoe's portrayal isn't the Ryuk from the anime, he is more blood thirsty, more terrifying. Willem was an amazing choice and he should have had a lot more screen time.

This film is pretty much an action-packed, gore-fest, thriller. If you are into that (and you probably are) and have once again NEVER SEEN Death Note, you might like it.

So give it a try, if not for me, do it for Defoe.

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